review of Virtual bitcoin expo

Virtual bitcoin expo Review

For the easy access to a single platform that mobilizes and unites the entire Bitcoin community in the same place at the same time.

Because it connects people and ideas. Because it connects business and solutions. Because it responds to the demand of bitcoin-accepting business.

Because virtual stands offer a unique experience through an easy interface and intuitive navigation.

Because the visitors find actual information about the Bitcoin enterprise in real time, from the entrepreneurs themselves. For the first time, the entire cryptocurrency industry is represented, and the whole World may get connected with it. No middlemen. Just our platform.


The fair itself is conceived as a city in which the visitor can find various products and services that can be bought with Bitcoin.

Low costs: Stands rank into three different price levels according to your qualities. We want to make sure all enterprises participate no matter their size.

We want to make the most of internet in order to consolidate personal and commercial relations that otherwise would require a huge investment on time and money. All brands will benefit from this while strengthening the network.

Servers with a capacity of more than 10 thousand visitors simultaneously.

Participation costs are 50% lower than in a physical fair.

Online marketing tools are reachable to anyone wanting to make the most of this virtual fair.

There is no time limit and you can contact potential clients or consumers anywhere in the world.

Free entrance for visitors

Interactive platform


Online support

Online display of products and services

3D spaces

Chats and video calls between exhibitor and visitor

Why participate?

Because Virtual Bitcoin Expo provides an easy to access online platform. This maximises attendance, by removing the visitor costs. Virtual Bitcoin Expo gathers the global community in the same place, at the same time.

Because your brand will be part of an important Latin American digital innovative event with a global reach.

Because you can build new business relations, widening offer and demand of your portfolio, optimising resources and making the most of Your information sources.

Because all brands and enterprises related to Bitcoin will be there. This is a chance to develop an innovative branding strategy.

Because the platform allows measuring the effectiveness of advertising, website’s traffic and brand’s positioning. We lean back on an advanced digital technology to guarantee the success of the event.

Because the 3D stands make of this a unique experience for the user in an easy to access virtual environment.

Because visitors will find here information on Bitcoin enterprises that already use Bitcoin as a currency, upload videos, fact sheets, promote special offers, upload information on launching dates, have online forms and general information on their brands and products.

Because users will be able to interact with each other and enlarge their activity in their own social networks.

Because participants will extend their knowledge on Bitcoin through the conferences. They will opened to participating at the virtual fair.

Because participants will extend their knowledge on Bitcoin through the conferences. They will opened to participating at the virtual fair.Because participants extend their knowledge on the Bitcoin ecosystem effectively through a Virtual Bitcoin Expo.