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Decentralized Banking of the Future

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Access a global pool of borrowers and achieve higher yields than a traditional deposit account.

Loan Officers

A decentralized network of loan officers sources borrowers and deploys loans in almost any currency.


An asset-backed, income-producing cryptocurrency that represents a claim on the network’s interest revenue.

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A stable cryptocurrency. That appreciates via interest.

LoanCoins are backed by loans made by the network and appreciate via the reinvestment of interest and principal payments. This yields a stable cryptocurrency with all the benefits of bitcoin – ease of transfer, low transaction fees, security, and privacy – but with much less volatility.

Secured crowdlending. On a global scale

Traditional peer-to-peer lending platforms are hampered by regional regulatory differences, difficulty in verifying borrower identity in developing countries, and the lack of recourse in the event of default. LoanCoin enables secured lending to verified borrowers worldwide, denominated in any currency.

A global network of loan officers. Working for you.
A decentralized network of loan officers from around the world make loans denominated in almost any currency – USD, EUR, RMB, BTC, and more. LoanCoin naturally flows to regions where it can make the most attractive loans, keeping your money safe in almost any economic environment.